Perth Freight Link

by aludewig on 9 July 2015

You may have heard about the proposed Perth Freight Link, planned to run through Fremantle to the Port.

Council will be running a community information session on the matter – to present our position, and the research that informs it, and to answer your questions.

6pm Tuesday 14 July at Victoria Hall

This road will affect us all; residents, businesses and visitors alike. It will funnel 13,000 trucks a day at 80km an hour through Fremantle. The freeway nature of the toll road will divide communities and restrict access to the CBD, therefore undermining our efforts to revitalise Fremantle.

More information and links to the council’s position and the research can be found at:

I hope to see you there,
Rachel Pemberton

Councillor – City Ward

City of Fremantle

T 0405 307 158

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